Clearly Confident

Our Story

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Clearly Confident is led by father-daughter duo, Loy and Macy. They are passionate about professional sales training and believe that life is a series of sales transactions. Clearly Confident was born after Macy experienced the power of sales training. That’s when she knew they had to share it.


Loy is passionate about sales, entrepreneurship and leadership. He went from an ‘in-the-gutter’ middle school baseball coach to building a successful insurance agency from the ground up. He has Jesus, personal development and sales training to thank for his transformation. When he started his agency, Loy created his own sales training and began teaching it to his staff annually. Making sales training a priority is a huge reason why his agency has done so well.

Macy gets her entrepreneurial spirit from her dad. He tried to teach her the sales training for years, but she wasn’t receptive until she started her wellness business. Macy finally bought-in to sales training, committed to learning it and that is when her business started to grow rapidly. She began to understand how to talk to potential clients, how to share information about her product and how to handle concerns. Her business, her communication skills and her relationships started to flourish.

Clearly Confident was born when Macy told Loy that EVERYONE needs this type of training. She knew that offering a course that focused on human relation and life skills would change the trajectory of lives. Each of them firmly believe that no matter what field you are in, you can benefit from this training.

Now that she has the skills that are taught in this training, she loves to reflect on her childhood. She realizes that her dad was cultivating a sales culture home that provided a positive, uplifting, and challenging environment. Macy loves helping people change their view on the word “sales.” Lots of people, millennials in particular, think of sales as a very negative thing. Many think of salespeople as slimy, untrustworthy, con artists. In Clearly Confident, we see sales as the best word ever. It’s an effective way to communicate, to become a trusted counselor and to help solve people’s problems. That is the culture she strives to create on her Instagram, in her speaking events and in her home.