Clearly Confident

How We're Different


How is this training different from others?


In order to teach successful living, we must learn from the originator of successful living: God. Although Clearly Confident is not a Christian sales training, the spirit behind the training is pure, noble and just.


While we do talk about visualization and verbalization, we heavily consider the intent of the heart. We make sure there is a connection between what is being said and what is really deeply felt and believed. Enthusiasm is 90% of sales. Enthusiasm is a deep belief. If you don’t deeply believe in what you do, neither will anyone else.


There is research on both a spiritual and a scientific level that action is required for change to take place. We have small group labs that give participants the opportunity to role play and practice the techniques taught in each session. There is also a bonus coaching call, which allows you to share how you have used the techniques in a real life situation. Whether it was done well or not, Loy and Macy mentor you through that scenario of what could’ve been done to make it better and provide some stretch goals. Practice has to happen continuously and often to allow it be become a part of your subconscious