Clearly Confident

Course Breakdown

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Clearly Confident is broken down into 6 sessions. Each session is divided into 4 main topics:

Mindset + Attitude, Heart, Like + Trust, and Skill + Technique.

Each session is followed with homework to help reinforce the techniques that have been taught. You will incorporate your personal scenario into the homework and that is what you will use during your lab groups for practice and role play.

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Session 1: Proving Proclamation

  • Discover the TRUE value of your service, product or idea.

  • Build your case around the true value.

    • Learn how to build your case of why others should believe in what you have to offer with effective techniques and human relation skills.

Session 2: Develop Curiosity

  • Discover techniques to know people better.

    • Get past the cliche ‘How are you?’ questions.

  • Learn their motivational ‘why’ to help you persuade with confidence.

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Session 3: Handle Doubts

  • Why it’s important to embrace doubts and objections.

  • Techniques to overcome doubts and objections and turn them into reasons to buy-in.

Session 4: Capture Attention

  • It doesn’t matter what you have to say unless you have someone's attention.

    • Creative ways to effectively capture attention.

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Session 5: Unleash Imagination

  • Create desire by tapping into one’s powerful imagination.

Session 6: Asking For A Decision AKA The Close

  • Inspire a call to action and watch as people follow.

  • Effective closing techniques.

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