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Tips For Talking To The Ones You Love About Clearly Confident

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Do you have a man in your life that would benefit greatly from the mens-only Clearly Confident training? It's coming up on May 4th and 5th in Cumming, GA. Loy has had a weight on his heart to reach the men - to encourage them and to equip them with life-long techniques that will improve their confidence, communication and the culture they create in their business and family. If you need a place to start the conversation, HERE is a video and the course breakdown outlined.

From what you have shared with Macy on her Instagram, is that they aren't quite understanding how or why Clearly Confident is so important. But you get it! You've been watching the Clearly Confident Instagram lives! It's okay they aren't there yet. We're here to help.

You’ve tried to talk to them and they said no because they:

  • “Don’t have time”

  • “Don't believe in that stuff'

  • “Don't need it”

  • “Have already had sales and communication training'"

This is NORMAL. It's a hesitation. In fact, in the Clearly Confident training, you learn exactly how to handle hesitations just like this. Until you get a chance to take the training, let us help you.

Loy and Macy have come together to write a response as if we were talking to them ourselves. It's a little difficult because each person is different. We wouldn't just have an answer to each of these, we would ask more questions and get to the bottom of each individual 'why’. But, for the sake of this blog post, we are going to go for it:

1. "I don't have time."

That’s the very reason you should do it, because in this case, it is actually underpriced for what we are giving you. As a matter of fact the price is going up next round. This will be the cheapest that you can get this training. It’s a cost versus price issue. How do you know if something costs too much or if you have enough time? That really depends on what you want. For example, when Macy was doing cheerleading, I didn’t think it was fair cost and I definitely thought it was taking up too much time. But, that’s something that she wanted to do. It’s the same if you have a son playing travel baseball - you can make the argument that it costs too much and takes up too much time. You could also make the same argument for a hunting club, if you go hunting on the weekends, or if you go to UGA football games and have season tickets. Think about how much those tickets cost and the time spent there, but that’s something you WANT to do. You see value in that. What about a vacation? A $5000 trip to Florida for a week. Is that worth it? Is that too much time and does it cost too much? That’s something that a person determines on cost versus price - is it really worth it. In this case, you will find that you can’t really put a price or value on it, because you don’t really know what it is. You haven’t decided that you want it yet. The question I would ask is why is your wife encouraging you to do this? Why does she feel the need for you to take this training? ‘

2. "I don't believe in and I don't need it."

Many times, that is in the eyes of the beholder. Your wife could have said that about you - that she doesn’t need you and she doesn’t believe in you - but she didn’t say that. She does need you and believes in you for a reason because she saw something that you had to offer. This material, the things that we’re giving you, is one thing that I wish my dad had done and known and given me so that I wouldn’t have gone through a third of my life before I started to understand this type of material. If you can give this information to your kids when they are young, it is a game changer. It’s a game changer for anybody to take this training, so to think that you don’t believe in it and don’t need it is inaccurate. As a matter of fact, every time you read something today, they talk about how soft skills, such as communication and persuasion are becoming hard skills because technology is moving so fast, it’s hard to stay up with the times with your skillset. One thing you need to stay current on is the skills of persuasion and influence, because the world is going to leave us if we don’t continue to work and stay ahead of the game. You need technical skills, but you also need these communication skills to stay ahead of the game. So, if you don’t need and don’t believe in this type of material, you are setting yourself up for a rude awakening someday down the road. We highly encourage you to take a second look and look at where the world is, how fast it’s moving and understand that you really do need this. Your family and your kids need you to know this, so you can give them the edge that they need to have moving forward.

3. "I've already had sales and communication training."

 That’s the very reason you should take this, because if you’ve had it, you know that there is some value in the training. It gives you skills that help you continue to reinforce it along the way. To just take a training one time, is just like taking a shower or bath - it only lasts for so long. You’ve got to stay in this type of material to stay on your game. It’s like if you play golf - you say I’ve played once and practiced once. Well, that’s not enough. Whatever you do, you have to stay with it. If this skill is important, as we know it is, it’s a skill that you need to continue to improve and refine. The one thing that sets this training apart is we not only give you unique and special information and techniques, but we also reinforce it and give you a way to stay with it and continue to improve the skills. So, I would say that if you’ve already had this, you probably didn’t get a lot out of it, because if you did, you’d see the need to continue to grow in something like this.

“What do you get with this type of training?”

You get sales, influence, and persuasion skills. No matter what you do and who you work with, you need this and so do your kids. If you run an organization, a family, are in direct sales, or if you work for a business, you need to know and understand how to influence. As a matter of fact, we had a Clearly Confident student who is in the education system. She recently interviewed for a new job which included more responsibility and a corresponding pay raise. She used the exact Clearly Confident formula during her interview process and got the job! Even though she isn’t directly in sales, she used it to improve and advance her career. That new job is going to more than pay for this training and her time.

Clearly Confident also teaches you leadership skills. I’m reading a book right now about leadership and how important it is to know how to lead. If you receive any type of leadership training, it will take you to the next level, especially in your job and your family. Whether you work in a church or in a PTA, you need specific and strong leadership skills to be an effective person.


This training also provides a great deal of insight and perspective into your current culture both at work and at home. You can use the tools and skills you learn in Clearly Confident to start saying the right things to your customers, your family, your co-workers, and your team to change and sustain a positive and solid culture. I dare you to take this and see what happens to your outlook on your current culture.


Lastly, you will learn a great deal about communication. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do if you can improve your communication skills you are going to be more successful in your life. The one thing I wish my dad would have taught me is communication skills. I had to go find this on my own because my father wasn’t ahead of the game enough to teach me these skills. At the end of this training, you’re going to make the culture in your life better and help your kids have more confidence and happiness. You will stand out as a great leader and provide them with a strong role model. When you go into your workplace, you will shine, have people follow you, and potentially increase your income. If you give this a chance, it will build your confidence, your culture, and your family.

I can see you now, you’ve taken Clearly Confident. It’s six months later and you see a big change in your family. The cost and time of the course are way behind you. Things are so much better - your kids, your wife, and your work. You feel so confident because you know how to have those tough conversations and meet those conflicts head-on. As you walk into a restaurant with your family, you see people that you know. You hold your head high because you know that you are the leader that you were meant to be. You have confidence because people around you are enjoying your conversation and the way you handle yourself. Now that’s a picture you want to see, right? Let’s weigh the facts. On one side, you may think that it costs too much, you don’t need it, or it’s something you’ve already had. On the other side, you’re seeing yourself grow with confidence and leadership, you’re seeing your kids thrive, and you see your wife glowing because you have become the leader that you’re supposed to be for your family. In your opinion, which weighs heavier? Of course, the side where everyone is glowing! The money is soon forgotten, but the confidence and strength you gain for the rest of your life far exceed the time or money that you spent on the training.