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The One Vital Skill You Need To Make It

My husband, Austin, was sharing with me about the autonomous cars that are predicted to take over in about 10 years. He told me that car wrecks are expected to go down by 90% and how many jobs will be gone because of this.

For example, truck drivers. The drivers that transport materials across the country won't be needed anymore. Can you imagine driving by an 18 wheeler and looking over to see NO ONE IN THE DRIVER SEAT?! Wow. That is crazy.

Uber drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers - all of these people won't be needed anymore.

There are so many other jobs that are dying, too. Over here at Clearly Confident, we are automating everything we can to keep a very lean business. This means we won't need to hire as many people.

I was sharing this with Loy and he said, "if people know how to sell, they will make it."

And it's so true. If an ex-uber driver came knocking on my Clearly Confident door and sold themselves really well AND was able to sell the training to people and companies, you better believe I would heavily consider hiring them. All companies seriously value their 'producers'. Producers = Salesmen. If sales aren't happening, the company will die.

If everyone could learn the skill of guiding people into buying decisions, no matter where they work, they would make it. They could go from job to job to job and do really well. As Loy says, "we are 'always' willing to hire producers." He says that because they are so hard to find. It takes the right person, with the right skill set and the right heart. If we're able to find that then, WHEW. It's a no brainer.

A perfect place to get a glimpse into the method we teach in Clearly Confident is by coming to the Good is Cool event that is happening on August 10th at 7pm at the Roswell Historic Center. I am revealing more of the techniques than I ever have before. We are really focusing in on finding your purpose and how to ensure that you are making an impact.

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