Clearly Confident


FREE Workshop Portal

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We always say that repetition is king and it's clear that Clearly Confident needs to be ongoing. We have created a FREE workshop portal to serve you content that will help you become the better version of you.

The workshops will be hosted live via Zoom, so that you have the opportunity to interact with Loy and Macy, ask questions and boost your self growth.

The first workshop is Monday, May 13th at 5pm EST and ANYONE can join! Macy will be speaking about defining your message. Everyone has a message, but sometimes you need a little guidance in finding it. She is passionate about her Good Is Cool™ message and wants to help you find yours to share with the world.

Sign up for the free workshop HERE. If you can’t attend the live call, it will be recorded and loaded into your workshop portal for you to watch at your convenience. You will also receive access to a PDF after the live workshop to help you further define your message.

We can’t wait to have you!