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Put Together the Man. Put Together the World.

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Hello, Clearly Confident Family!

We sent this message from Loy out as an email a few months back, but IT IS JUST SO GOOD! Take time to internalize this reminder!

Loy here!

I read this story earlier this week, and I thought that it had such a good meaning.

The story was about a little boy and his dad. The little boy asked his dad to play with him, and the dad said no, but promised that the next day he would play with him all day! That next morning the little boy woke up and went straight to his dad, ready to play. The dad wanted just a little bit more time to read the newspaper. To buy him some more time, the dad took a picture of the world from the newspaper, ripped it up and told the little boy to put it back together.

At first, the little boy struggled to put the puzzle together, but all of the sudden he was able to put it together very quickly. He pulled down his dad’s newspaper and told him he was ready to play. When the dad asked the boy how he was able to put the picture together so quickly, the boy explained that he flipped the pieces over and realized there was a picture of a man on the back that made it much easier to put together.

The moral of this story is that if you put the man together, you put the whole world together. In other words, everything in life is an inside job. Success starts from the inside. You put yourself together, and all of the rest of life comes together.

We all want so many things. Success in work, family life, and hobbies, but we forget to put ourselves together.

It all starts with you!

A podcast suggestion for you this week would be to listen to John Maxwell on the Ed Mylett Podcast. It is an incredible Daily Deposit for you!

We hope that you have an AMAZING weekend!

Carly Hill