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YOUR Impact!

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Have you ever thought about the impact that you can have on people?

There is so much potential for lifetime impact. We all have potential for impact!

If we stop and think about what kind of impact we want to have, then we will realize the need to fuel and feed ourselves with daily knowledge. There are all kinds of places you can feed yourself. The key is to make sure that you are doing it every day.

There are 3 things we need to do to have an impact:

  1. Serve

  2. Care

  3. Love

Our family, friends, and, most importantly, OURSELVES are changed by our impact! When we serve, we are the one who are filled up first.

If you can remember and practice “Good is Cool”, you will inevitably have impact. Here are some “Good is Cool” principles:

➡️ It’s cool to have good work ethic.

➡️ It’s cool to talk highly of people.

➡️ It’s cool to genuinely and freely compliment others.

➡️ It’s cool to publicly praise your spouse.

➡️ It’s cool to truly pull for others.

➡️ It’s cool to cheer your friend on as they win at life.

➡️ It’s cool to sit with the lonely kid at lunch.

➡️ It’s cool to spend your weekend hanging out with family.

➡️ It’s cool to follow the music in your heart.

➡️ It’s cool to give kindness instead of sarcasm.

➡️ It’s cool to apologize when you’re wrong.

➡️ It’s cool to be generous.

This week find ways to have an impact, and make note of the ways that it changes YOU!