Clearly Confident


The 'Mood Meter'

METER (1).png

A couple of months ago, we did an Instagram live talking about the ‘Mood Meter.’

Everyone you run into is in a mood of some sort - they’re up, down, happy, excited, sad, frustrated. Typically, what you want to do is take wherever they are and increase their mood by just a little.

Loy shared a personal story and said sometimes he doesn’t realize the effect he has on people. We talked about how someone is looking to you for a certain standard as to how you are going to respond in a situation. If you drop below that standard, you can see the air coming out of balloon. You can see the spirit deflating.

If we had one goal all day long, that involved increasing the spirits with every person that we run into or every situation we encounter, how would we do that?

  1. Before you react to something, ask a question. Don’t just assume and pop off. Make sure you understand and that also gives you time to think it through.

  2. Listen.

  3. Lift the spirit of everyone you come in contact with.